Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Hello again interwebs!
Since it's now been nearly a month since my last post, I thought I'd better just check in briefly with a few bits and bobs. The blog's definitely still up and running, but the fact is for the whole of August I simply haven't done any fishing, and so I've had nothing to report on!

August on the Dales rivers is, if we're totally honest, probably the dullest month of the trout season, or at least it is from my point of view. The problem is nothing much really happens - nothing new to excite and create fresh interest. Numbers of rising fish take a nose dive, there are very few new hatches of fly to exploit, and the general tired feel of late summer seems to send all the fish into a torpor which, from the fly angler's viewpoint, makes fishing something of a chore until early autumn brings with it an injection of new life. Couple this with heavy rain over the last week or two, and the fact that during the summer holiday period any good weather turns Wharfedale into Yorkshire's inland answer to Blackpool, and you can start to see why I haven't been feeling overly motivated. Still, I shall try and do a couple of hours on the river before the end of the week and see what it brings.

In other news, I'm away on holiday this coming Sunday! Starting off with an overnight stop off in the Lake District, which may well involve a quick cast for a Salmon on the River Derwent, then continuing north into Scotland to 'A' Chomraich' - the Applecross Peninsula. There's wild Hill Lochs aplenty and a whole coastline to explore, so expect a report or two on my return!

Tight Lines,