Sunday, 30 October 2011

Salmon session, River Greta - October 16th

The River Greta running low and clear in mid October - no fish to be found!

Just thought I'd post up a handful of photos I took whilst salmon fishing on the River Greta (Lune tributary) and the Twiss (smaller trib of the Greta) a couple of weeks back. The water had dropped back after rain and was slightly too low for really worthwhile fishing.. subsequently I went without a pull or sighting any fish all day! Nevertheless it was good to be out with a rod in hand (albeit a spinning outfit) since I hadn't been fishing since August.
Best of luck to anyone fishing the last day of the season tomorrow and I hope it produces some bent rods!

Tight lines,

Pictures from the Greta..

An interesting run flowing into a deep narrow pool.

Further downstream as the river begins to widen.

And a couple from the Twiss..

The steep sided Twiss valley in Autumn.

Another view of the Twiss - a fantastic trout beck in the warmer months!

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