Monday, 2 July 2012

Stick Float Fishing on the Wharfe.

Firstly, before I embark on yet another non-fly fishing based post, please accept my sincerest apologies. I’m sure that you’re all clamouring for some bug-wafting action, but I simply haven’t had cause to bring the gear out! The weather recently has been frankly appalling around here. Rain... just so much rain. Every time the rivers have looked like being at a decent height for the fly, more rain has arrived and ruined everything. That being so, the angling addict has no choice but to diversify into other branches of our rich and varied sport. Why refuse yourself the joy of a catch just because your preferred method is off the cards?

So, with my excuses made, here’s the deal. Last Tuesday the Wharfe was fining down after yet another biblical downpour. There was still a touch of extra colour to the water but it was most certainly fishable, in fact when I arrived at my starting point and began to feed a few maggots, swirls and boils under the surface confirmed that fish were certainly on the feed and ready for the taking.

I only fished for a few hours with my light stick float tackle, but it made for a pleasant, laid back session with plenty of fish brought to the bank. Unfortunately most of these were of no great size, but on a delicate float rod and 2lb line they still provided lively sport. I was hoping for grayling and chub, but although I managed one small lady, almost all of my offerings were snapped up by voracious brownies – not what I was looking for, but they still fought well and went back safely, with the best fish maybe just touching the pound mark. A few fish were lost, which I assumed were probably more grayling. A disadvantage of the species’ downturned mouth is that they do seem to come unbuttoned more often than trout, but if you came out on top in every scuffle with your fishy foe, it wouldn’t be so fun!

All in all, a reasonable session... hopefully I can get back on the fly soon though!