Thursday, 21 July 2011

Testing, testing 1-2-3..

Hello out there! Actually, allow me to rephrase that - hello? Anyone there?... If you have by chance stumbled across this page, then I wish you a very warm welcome to my new blog, in which I'll be posting, perhaps not entirely consistantly, but as and when I feel I've got something interesting to share about fish, fishing and all things aquatic (plus probably some completely irrelevant, or at least only loosely based things).  I'll try and post as many photos as possible along with my reports in order to keep things bright and colourful, and I might even start doing a few wee videos to go along with it... I need to get the whole business of editing dialled in before I can head down that road though. So, until my first proper bulletin, I bid you farewell - unless of course something's gone wrong with this post, in which case I'll probably keep trying and retrying until I have a mental breakdown and I'm forced to give it up as a bad job...

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