Thursday, 8 December 2011

Another grayling trip: photos!

Hey up! Just thought I'd post up a few piccies I had kicking around from another grayling session I had on the Wharfe around the end of November, this time on the fly (yippee!). It was pretty damn chilly, but czech nymphing only produced out of season brownies, whilst a change to spiders fished just under the surface produced a couple of examples of the required species! Not a fantastic trip but a bit of action, and on the fly which is all the better.
I should be home for Christmas shortly, but the weather here in Cumbria is horrific. The Eamont and Lowther are both bursting their banks, and conditions in Yorkshire don't sound a lot better, so I doubt I'll be up to much fishing unless I can get on the Aire for a bash at some chub. Fingers crossed though!

Out of season brownie on a czech nymph.

And another - wrong season mate!
Possibly the smallest grayling I've ever caught?

A better one to finish.

P.S. sorry about the stupid photo formatting! Can't get it to work.. if anyone knows how to sort that out please let me know!

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