Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Small Stream Fun

I had a very pleasant afternoon today on the River Doe, a beautiful limestone beck in North Yorkshire. It was a nice change on this tight, intimate water to bring out my 6foot brook rod, which always makes for an entertaining time battling fish of all sizes. I concentrated most of my efforts on fishing my way through the fast pocket water with a Mary Copperhead nymph presented 'New Zealand Style' underneath a size 14 Klinkhammer. Plenty of fish came to hand throughout the session, mostly to the nymph but with a good number of lively trout exploding to the dry fly too. Beautiful trout they were too - perfectly shaped, fully finned, wild golden gems. It's a tenner for a day ticket - if you're in the Ingleton area I strongly suggest you give it a crack. A ticket also entitles you to fish the Doe's sister river, the Twiss, along with a stretch of the River Greta. There's also a chance of a seatrout given some water - that'd be nice eh!

The brownies of the Doe are true wild gems.

Looking downstream on the Doe.

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