Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Another Aire Trip (and video).

Well, I had another quick trip to the Aire yesterday morning. The fish there are definitely more active than they are on the Wharfe at the moment, but bumping nymphs along the bottom with frozen hands it still felt more like a November Grayling session than spring trout fishing. Things seem to be on the up though, although we're still lagging a few weeks behind normal spring conditions. A couple of fish came to the net - two brownies around the 3/4lb mark - it's a wonderful feeling to get my string pulled again!
I got enough headcam footage to cobble together a small video - hope you like it. My casting/general technique is a touch rusty after a long off season as you can probably tell... please be gentle!

Tight lines,


  1. hi there

    stumbled across your blog via the youtube clip of you fishing on the Aire just beneath that fast flowing cascade. Some pretty decent blogs and fish you have caught. Im a few years behind you though ive just finished my first season having only caught 3 wild brownies but thats awesome for me :) anyway will keep up to date with your blogs. Ive done my own (started...) one, im in sheffield so not too far away i suppose! cheers. Andy

    1. Thanks for the kind words Andrew - as you can probably tell I've fallen behind with the blogging a bit this season! But then I've fallen a bit behind with the fishing too. The first few wildies are a great feeling, aren't they? Keep at it! It only gets better (apart from when it's worse). I'll be sure to keep up to date with your blog.