Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Ever walk past a tiny stream and find yourself wondering 'are there any trout in that'? As something of a repressed small stream nut, I do it regularly, and there's a particular bit of water near my girlfriend's house which I've been meaning to have a nosy around for quite a while now. I say 'a' bit of water, when in reality it's several - a whole network of little becks poppling along, criss crossing their way through a little village before eventually meeting the River Wharfe. They truly are tiny in a real sense. There's barely a point on any of them where I couldn't step comfortably across, and certainly no areas where the opposite bank is more than a little hop away.
Anyway, over the weekend I allowed myself some time to have a proper nosy at one of the streams to see what I could see. Here's a few photos..

I believe the poetic term for this kind of casting situation would be 'intimate'..

Deep water below this minature weir looked enticing.

Looking downstream.

A slow, deep bend - good place to fish spot once hatches kick up a notch?

A minute bottleneck at the head of a much deeper pool - probably 10 inches across at most!

The stream deepens as it flows under a bridge..

Findings? Yes, there's fish there, that's for sure. I saw one or two little dark shapes darting away from me as I walked. I'm sure a stealthy approach would reveal far more. I only saw fingerlings - not surprising in what is probably a nursery stream, but I'm sure there'll be some 6 inch levithians lurking in there somewhere!
I'd prefer to keep the location a secret - too much disturbance could affect the delicate balance in such a small ecosystem. That said, I'm sure any locals of the area would be able to place it in a heartbeat. I don't plan to fish it (I doubt I'd get permission even if I wanted to) - it's just cool to know of another place where old spotty chops is thriving!

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